USB to serial driver for FT232R in QNX 6.4.1


I am using an USB to serial converter IC in my project and its working fine in windows XP , i got the drivers from the FTDI page only, now i need drivers for QNX 6.4.1 can u please guide me where can i get them.

Thank you

Unless it is a standard driver, it seems unlikely to me that there would be support.

I’ve never tried to use these devices but it looks like some of the older chips are actually supported. See the following … l?chario=1


I am using a module which incorporates FT232RL IC from FTDI. The module is used to convert the serial data into USB and

pass it onto PC through the USB lines…

Now i need to work this project on my QNX 6.4.1 platform, the data transfer and all is working fine, but i need to know

how to access the port or GPIO or CBUS pins of the IC so that i can call some function and make the CBUS pins

controllable through software.

Can you please help me in this , it will be very needy …