Installing SAMBA on QNX 6.4.0


Does any one know how to install SAMBA on QNX 6.4.0?

I went to the pkgsrc repository, and found samba under /net. But I don’t know what to do with that. Can any one please guide me on how to install SAMBA.

Go on foundry and read up on pkgsrc and how to bootstrap it, then you will be able to add/install any package with the program pkg_add.


as suggested I went on to read the bootstrap documentation. It said that Make sure you have an internet connection, pkgsrc will download the distribution from the appropriate vendor/distributor.
Here I have an obstacle, I don’t have my QNX box with Internet connection.

Using a PC that is connected to the internet, setup a QNX machine in VmWare and there you go :slight_smile: