CppUnit for QNX

Hello All,
Im not able to integrate CppUnit in QNX. There are lot of open questions regarding this topic, but surprisingly, nobody seems to have done it in QNX. Looking forward to your support!

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Is there a question in there? What do you mean that you can’t integrate it into QNX? If you are looking for more of a front end for it, there is an older CPPUnit plugin that should work with QNX Momentics/Eclipse, but it may need a bit of care.


Hi everybody

Could someone tell us which is this older CPPUnit plugin version to QNX?


Hello Jucaross. Have you build cppunit under qnx 6.4.0 with Qnx Momentics (Windows Xp host)???

Sorry gopyan… I’m not able to use cppunit in QNX yet.

But I still have hope!