Implementation of USB API's in QNX/LINUX


I need to implement usb related api’s like inserion of usb, removal of usb, drive name, drive letter, whether usb is formatted or not etc.

In windows, we use a library called “ntmsapi.dll”.
For using usb related functionality in windows we first use following API’s of ntmsapi.dll:

  1. OpenNtmsSession() - The OpenNtmsSession function sets up a session with a RSM (Removable Storage Manager) server.

  2. OpenNtmsNotification() - The OpenNtmsNotification function opens a channel to receive RSM object change notifications for objects of the specified type.

  3. BeginNtmsDeviceChangeDetection() - The BeginNtmsDeviceChangeDetection function allows the application to begin a device change detection session.

  4. GetNtmsObjectInformation() - The GetNtmsObjectInformation function returns an object’s information structure for the specified object.

  5. SetNtmsDeviceChangeDetection() - The SetNtmsDeviceChangeDetection function sets one or more target devices for change detection.


My queries are:

  1. Do we require to use such API’s for establishing sessions for QNX before using functionalities of USB?Or it is done automatically after insertion of usb?

  2. Do we have any replacement/option of ntmsapi.dll for QNX?

Thanks in advance.