Extended Networking TDK for QNX 6.4.0


Is the extended Networking TDK included with the QNX 6.4.0 or do we need a separate license for the TDK.

How do we enable firewall in QNX similar to the Internet COnnection firewall in Windows

I don’t know about 6.4.0 but I’m fairly certain the TDK is in 6.4.1.

The question about the firewall requires some background.
Windows is a system that unsophisticated users use to access the internet. They load on programs they don’t particularly understand and they are subject to manipulation, such as install a program from an email or authorizing a browser to give access to their system.

Many windows users run with an open file system.

These problems do not generally exist on QNX. The programs run usually come from QNX, the user, open source or a known 3rd party, so they are unlikely to have evil intent. A user can run in ‘user’ mode which protects system files. QNX does not, yet, seem to be a target for virus or spyware.

So security for QNX is much simpler. You have to determine what services you are willing to provide to the outside world. Typically this includes ftp and telnet. To protect these entry points you need to enforce the use of at least moderately strong passwords for all accounts. You can enable or disable such services with the file /etc/inetd.conf. In an extreme situation you can not run inetd at all.

If there is the potential for a QNX knowledgeable hacker on the physically local network, you might want to not run the QNET protocol. To say that it is a sieve is generous.