The new guy

Hey there guys.

I just got this intern position and they are asking me to make a GUI for this tool they’ve got but I have never made a GUI in QNX before. I was wondering what people here are using to make all the boxes, windows, etc. for their GUI’s. Like the #include _____ and where I can find the functions/source code. Any help is much appreciated and I’m sure we’ll all become the best of friends over the next 3 months :slight_smile: hahaha.

The New Guy

You want to take a look at the PhAB tool. It will allow you to create the look of your GUI. You start with a window and place appropriate “widgets” in the window. Widgets are things like labels, and text strings. There is a special widget for drawing whatever you want. It is even possible to build your own widgets.

Photon programs are for the most event driven. Events are things like mouse clicks, but can include external events. You write pieces of code called “callbacks” which are attached to events. Each widget has a very long list of related events that you can attach to.

This description is way to brief but it might serve as a place to start. There is a tutorial in the docs on doing your first Photon program and I suggest you take a look. If the demands on the program you are writing are large and your internship is long enough and there isn’t local knowledge at your company in this area, I suggest you look into a class.

As an alternative to PhAB, which is good for Photon development, would be to check out Storyboard from Crank Software (my employer).

Storyboard provides an Eclipse based visual development environment that can integrate directly into Momentics and allows you to drag and drop images directly into your design to provide a custom designed user interface. In addition to Photon, you can generate GF applications as well as target other operating systems and rendering technologies (like OpenGLES, OpenVG etc).

You can download a free copy from