NPAPI plugin

Hi all,
i am really new to QNX development. My job is to port a NPAPI plugin to QNX. I really nead some starting help. Any hints, examples, howtos, anything?
I was searching quite a big while, but i am not finding the starting point!
I would be glad about any hints!

What is NPAPI ?

this is Netscape Plugin API, used to write plugins for webkit or firefox. I know it si running under qnx but i can not find any starting hints

What i need to have is a guideline, what i need to develop a browserplugin on qnx, like how to start the project, what libraries i need and where to get and maybe a example plugin. The porting i will do by myself

There is little and too much to say about QNX to help you. Your project really is about the Netscape interface. To do this you will need to become comfortable in one of two QNX development environments. My preference is to use QNX self hosted. The environment is a lot like Linux. If you like the vi editor it is available although there are others. Make and cc work as expected. As I said there is too much to say. The other environment is cross compiling from either Linux or Windows using the Eclipse IDE.
If the plugin does direct GUI calls, you will need to become familiar with Photon. The OS comes with full on-line documentation. It would be a lot to launch into this however without some previous familiarity with QNX and Photon.

Thanks for the reply!
I already run QNX with a Windows Host and Momentics. This runs quite good.
The thing i need is more direct hints to the plugin itself. Maybe a example code would be good!