QNX can't find PCI card

The card can be seen in system start screen and it can be found in windows with the same hardware,but It can be seen in QNX6.4,I use “pci -vv”,there’s no this type card in the list and pci_attach_device() return -1,I’m sure the vendor_id and device_id is right.please give me some tips.


What kind of card is it?

Are you sure it’s a PCI card and not a PCI-E card?


PCI-E works just fine. Try the pci -n option. You might also try to check out -b and -B option of pci-bios. I know we have to uses these option on some IBM machines.

I use pci -n,still can’t find the card,I’m sure it’s PCI card.I have read the help,there’s no -b or -B option for pci-bios.

oh my god,it can be found in qnx6.2.1,but can’t be found in qnx6.5(free download version).why?

It even can’t be found in QNX6.4(professional version).


how to do?

Did you try to ‘slay pci-bios’ and restart it with option ‘c’:‘pci-bios -c’?