Cool idea..

But does zike know about this site yet? He’ll steal all the stuff where you can earn money ;)

Yeh… I do have a few problems with it though…

(1) “Request A Software” should be “Request Software”…

(2) “You can also request to buy/sell second hand software” = bad idea :frowning:

Here is an idea: maybe we should setup a special download section where people can do pay per download to support the qnx developers. I am sure Zike will like that :smiley:

Even for those developers who want to work for free, you can setup pay per download for the first X downloads and free after that. This will reward your work for the qnx community. People who wants early access will pay and the software will then be free to the whole community.

But illegal?
With NC we are not allowed to do that I think.

Charging for simple QNX stuff is stupid and arrogant (espcally in a per-download fashon).

As for breaking the NC agreement - I’m still of the opinon that a couple of things in that agreement are not enforceable by Canadian law. :confused: