Assistance to mount QNX Partition with USB/IDE Adapter

I am a QNX newbie user with good DOS/Windows-cmd skills, and reasonable familiarization with Unix/Linux shells.

I am attempting a quick look-see at an IDE drive with 4 QNX partitions.

I have:
QNX® Software Development Platform 6.5.0 [Build 201007091524] — QNX Neutrino RTOS Installation and Boot CD [X86-only]

This bootable CD can boot me into QNX from a Toshiba laptop. I can successfully launch the QNX 6.5 OS.

I also have:
Scythe “Kama Connect” USB2.0 IDE & SATA External Adapter

This device works great under Windows to see IDE drive contents, for a loose drive with NTFS or FAT partitions.

I can get to QNX Terminal OK. This version of QNX 6.5 appears to have “io-usb” support.

What QNX commands can I use to locate this USB/IDE HDD, find the QNX partitions, and mount them?
All I am looking for is to get a directory listing via “ls” command to show filenames, sizes, and datestamps.

Without solid QNX experience this is likely to take me a very long time, or may not even be possible.

I need a quick step-by-step with explanation.

In theory this should all be autodetect and the partitions should be mounted under /fs/…

If not check if the usb device is detected with the usb -v command.

It is autodecting if Vendor and Device ID of the USB disk is specified in umass-enum.cfg file —> “/etc/umass-enum.cfg”
If not, then use “usb -v” to figure out these ID’s and add them into the configuration file.
Then re-start umass-enum:

  • slay umass-enum
  • umass-enum -f/etc/umass-enum.cfg
    That is the basics. Once you figure out how to do it manually, then write a script and make sure it is started from your rc.local.