Joystick not recognized after cycling power

This is really a strange problem. When I start the computer after cycling the power to the system and run the usb -vvv command it shows that the Thrustmaster Joystick that I am using is not connected.

However when I disconnect the joystick and reconnect and run the same command again I can see it being listed with all the necessary information.

The more funny thing is a system reset does not cause this problem. It only happens when I disconnect the power cable of the computer and reconnect it.

The is also another USB device connected (a rudder pedal) and it works just fine with the system.

The mainboard is a Q35 with a ICH9 controller. The same joystick works fine with another system (different motherboard and older).

Anyone have any idea?

I am thinking about trying a USB 2.0 PCI card assuming that the problem is the USB controller of the mainboard. If you have any suggestions please let me know.