using libxml2

I try to use libxml2 to parse the xml doc in my programme,below is my step:
1)unzip the libxml2 to one dir in my windows system
2)create one new QNC C project in IDE
3)select libxml2 as the static lib in liker option
4)include the header file in my programme
5)copy some sample code to my programme

but when I compile there are some error as below:
‘iconv_t’ does not name a type,I know iconv.h is the header file in linux,not in QNX,what can i do?

Is the step right? the doc tells me I should use “./configration” to compile the lib,but how can I do in IDE?

libxml2 ships with 6.5.0. Alternatively use pkgsrc which will build libiconv as a dependency.