How to add photon workspace and launch menu in QNX Neutrino

I am developing a graphics driver using QNX Neutrino 6.3.2 for ATI Raedon card, which is mounted on a powerpc board.

After staring the photon window manager , only blank screen is coming in the monitor.

How can I get the photon workspace and launchmenu ?

Also how to add a .jpeg file (in which format) into QNX Neutrino file system ?

Here is my code
io-graphics -d raedon -p photon &
pwm &
bkgdmgr &
devc-pty &

Are you starting Photon?

yes …

I am starting the photon but still the wokspace and taskbar is not coming.

Here is my code

display_msg Starting Photon
Photon &
waitfor /dev/photon 10
phfont -d /usr/photon/font_repository &
waitfor /dev/phfont 10
display_msg Starting Input Driver
#devi-hirun kbd kbddev ps2 mousedev &
#devi-hid kbd -k /proc/boot/keyboard/en_US_101.kbd mouse -vvvv&
devi-hid kbd mouse
display_msg Starting Graphics Driver

Start of Radeon graphics driver

io-graphics -d radeon photon,vid=0x1002,did=0x4c66,xres=1024,yres=768,bitpp=16,refresh=60 -p photon &

#display_msg Starting Window Manager
pwm &
bkgdmgr &
devc-pty &

i am still unable to configure the desktop in photon.

Thanks in advance

What you are missing is probably shelf.

I have already added shelf in the image.

The shelf bar is also appearing in the left side of the display whenever i am giving the command “shelf” in the command prompt.

But the shelf bar has no icons.

my screen is filled with blue color but no taskbar and no background image is appearing on the screen.

You will need some extra config file(s) to get this working, as well as some .so’s for shelf to work.

Is shelf really needed for the user application?

Try starting ‘phcalc’ instead for a first test if all works as expected.

Shelf is not really required. But it will be better to have it if it is working fine.

What I need is the taskbar so that if i minimize any application it will be availabe in the taskbar and also the desktop background image.

I run the phcalc applicaition and it is working fine.

I also run the pv application to see the default image located in the following image path but it is printing "could not load the default.jpg file.

pv /usr/share/backdrops/1024/768/default.jpg