problem about NAND FLASH system

hi all:
I am working on the board of at91sam9263 .there is a flash driver in my BSP,after I start my kenal, and I want to build a flash filesystem on the nand flash.i running this command,but it return that "

etfsctl -d /dev/etfs2 -S -f -c

Unable to open /dev/etfs2 : No such file or directory
and I run the command of "#fs-etfs-at91sam9xx -D addr=0x40000000,board_id=at91sam9263-ek -m /fs/etfs
it return:

fs-etfs-at91sam9xx: readtrans DATAERR on cluster 2678
fs-etfs-at91sam9xx: readtrans DATAERR on cluster 2679
fs-etfs-at91sam9xx: readtrans DATAERR on cluster 2680
fs-etfs-at91sam9xx: readtrans BADBLK on cluster 59328
fs-etfs-at91sam9xx: No filesystem detected. Entering stopped mode.
fs-etfs-at91sam9xx: Unable to initialise ETFS systems (Corrupted file system det

Process 139277 (fs-etfs-at91sam9xx) exited status=1.
can you tell me how could I do ?I have read some reference about this issue,but I still donot know the exact step.thanks.


I guess you need to add an option “-e” for your starting your driver on the target for the 1st time, after that, you should keep you current command to establish etfs.