DSP programming in OMAP3530

Dear all,

I am trying to utilize the function of DSP in omap3530(Gumstix Overo Fire). And the communication link between the arm cortex-a8 and dsp has to be enabled. But seems only the linux version of DSPLink is provided to realize the inter-processor communication.
Ref: pixhawk.ethz.ch/tutorials/omap/dsplink,

Would like to know if similar development are undergone in QNX, and hope to have your kind suggestions.



Just found this out: community.qnx.com/sf/wiki/do/vie … ki/DSPLink. Thenthe power of omap3530 can be boosted…


I was curious, but I got this:

The page you requested cannot be found.
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Yes, you just send an email request to qcmg@qnx.com, and you should be granted to access the package.