networking of at91sam9263.devnp-at91sam9xx

I am working on the 9263 board , I try to initial the NIC using the command :
ifconfig emac0 up

the sloginfo is the following

Jan 01 08:51:56 2 14 0 at91sam9xx_init_phy(): media_rate: -1, duplex: -1, PHY: 0
Jan 01 08:51:56 2 14 0 at91sam9xx_init_phy(): devnp-at91sam9xx: Cannot find an active PHY
Jan 01 08:51:56 2 14 0 at91sam9xx->rx_cap_mask: 0x0

Jan 01 08:51:56 2 14 0 at91sam9xx->tx_cap_mask: 0x0

can you tell me whether I failed to initialize the interface?
Is my NIC is up?how could I do?

there is another question:I found maybe the driver in the BSP at91sam9263 didnot support my NIC dm9000. I search in the in its seems that they do not support the Davicom’ product.
How could I get the driver of the DM9000,or how to modify one by myself from a nother source file.
anyone can give me a source file of NIC driver.thanks.


If the hardware is not supported then the NIC card won’t work.

To get the driver for a DM9000 card you’ll have to write one yourself. You’ll need help from the manufacturer for that before you get sample NIC driver software in QNX.


hi Tim:
thanks for you reply!
I had the datasheet of DM9000 and at91sam9263 . for I had never write a NIC driver before, I donot know how to begin my work.I am using the QNX Momentics IDE 4.7 for building my BSP, I think I need some information about how to write a NIc driver which has more details than the PDF Networing provided by QNX net.


If you are really going to write a NIC driver then you should go over to Foundry27 where the QNX developers often answer questions. There you can go to the Networking forum and ask for guidelines on developing the driver. Hopefully the guy who does the NIC drivers will point you in the right direction (there may be a sample driver you can get access to that you can modify).

But be warned, it’s apparently a lot of work to develop such a driver.

Good Luck


thank you. I am trying to find source code from the foundry27 .I hope I can over come it.
best wishes