QNX2 hard disk format

Hi all,

Our CNC machine runs QNX2 and boots from a hard disk. It is a very old machine that has 486 processor.
I coud do the image of the whole CNC part but can’t restore the image because the hard disk is DOS formatted. So
Could anyone show me how to create a QNX2 hard disk?
Please show me in details cause I am a newbie of this OS.

Thanks in advance.

Your question is not very clear. What is it you want to do? Duplicate the hard drive? It is unlikely that merely duplicating the disk will create a bootable QNX 2 hard drive. If the hard drives are identical, or if they have the same number of heads sectors/track it may work.

A DOS formatted disk is the same as a disk with no formatting to QNX. You can just write over the DOS formatting.

The process to make a bootable hard drive is not simple. Here is a brief summary.

  1. Mount the hard drive
  2. use fdisk to put a QNX partition on the drive
  3. mount the partition
  4. dinit the partition
  5. copy needed files to partition usually using “backup”

At this point, you need to have the new hard drive as the primary (not slave) drive on the primary controller. Since it probably wasn’t during the last 5 steps, you might need a bootable floppy disk. After booting the floppy you mount the hard drive.

  1. finally you run the boot command

If your system has serial ports or parallel ports in special locations, you might have to run osconfig before step 6.