How to reflect a process id from one process to another?


Can this is possible to send message from one thread to another thread is both the thread are running in different process.

I think this required to creat and attach channel but for this one have to get the Process id (pid) and Channel id (chid).

AS the process id is available in devctl my concern is that how can i get this process id and share it.

And also does it creat any problem as we are going to send Msg to thread by attaching a channel (which is running in say Process_A) to thread running at say Process_B.


Check with name_open and name_attach instead of ConnectAttach and ChannelCreate

Can find more information in QNX Help document with an example in library reference of name_attach() .

Thanks for the quick reply…

After going through the documentation I found i can send message from one process to another by using Pipes.

From the description given by QNX, -->The popen() function executes the command specified by command and creates a pipe between the calling process and the executed command.

My concern is what is meant by command here and what it going to execute.

And what does pipe() function do ?


Do someone have example of how to creat ,read and write in Pipes.

It will be good for me.!!


If you are concerned about portability to Unix like systems then using pipes makes sense. Otherwise, if this is a native QNX application only, then you probably want to learn how to use QNX message passing. That seemed to be the track you were on at the start of this thread. Pipes are built on top of QNX message passing.

Yeah I agree. Don’t use pipes if you don’t have to. The original idea of sending messages between processes is the way to go. It’s not only possible, it’s the way to do it. Either use name_attach / name_open, or use resmgr_attach. Or, use a master process that creates child processes which the communicate. The master process can pass the process ID and channel ID to the other processes. I think this is even described in QNX Training material.

Thread creator, I recommend to you to attend a QNX training. It really helps!