lex & yacc

Dear community,
I’m searching for the lex and yacc sources because I’m porting some c++ dll’s from windows to QNX which make use of lex and yacc.
Now I’ve browsed through the usr/bin dir’s of the QNX installation but can’t find lex/flex or yacc/bison anywhere.
Actually I’ll need the scanner & parser to port my Dll’s.
Does anybody know where I may get the sources or even better the compiled programs from. My installation version is QNX 6.3.2.

I wanted to compile the sources on my own using Momentix to make sure they are running on my QNX installation. But I would prefer to get the tools compiled for QNX already :slight_smile:

Ideas and help is welcome!


On my system, bison and flex are located in
along with all the other compiler tools. This directory should already be in your path.

-James Ingraham
Sage Automation, Inc.

Thanks for your response.
The tools are not located in the given directory, because I got a small installation, not including these tools.
Is there generally a chance to get the sources somewhere, compile them on my own and copy the binaries to the target
Unfortunately I can’t call make on the target system, because its disable and I’ll have to comile the sources using momentics IDE.

But I’m quite getting Makefile errors because the make is set up to be compiled on the target system.

I received following errors

You could check into pkgsrc.