BSP for Cortex A9 starting point


We’re in the process of building a new BSP for a ARM Cortex A9 based board. Since Cortex A9 support is very new (since 6.5) there are no BSP’s for any likewise Cortex A9 based boards available publicly. Also the BSP’s for Cortex A9 boards QNX has in development have a closed license (since they are build for a paying customer that want to keep the IP). So no help there with some ready made stuff.

The choice at this moment is to start off with one of the Cortex A8 BSP’s and adapt that for the Cortex A9 board. So we are evaluating which BSP is the best to start from.

What are the experiences here with Cortex A8 based BSP’s. Which ones perform nicely and which ones don’t?


I’d rather have QNX do the BSP for you. BSP developing is not an easy undertaking, and QNX has experts that are doing this all day.