Some Hardware and QNX troubles! (QNX 4.25A)


I’ve got a few problems with QNX.

A new PC has been ordered and there was a problem with QNX detecting our hard disk controller (i.e. it wouldn’t detect one at all). So what I managed to do was put the latest Fsys.atapi onto a bootable QNX 4.25A floppy and renamed it to Fsys.ata. This was then able to detect the hard drive when the Fsys.ata option was selected.

I then managed to install QNX using the installs floppies 1 through to 5.

Upon rebooting however, it seems that the Fsys.ata driver had been replaced by the older version and QNX is no longer able to boot up or detect the hard drive.

Is there any way around this?


It sounds like you need to create your own .boot file with the ATAPI driver. This is pretty standard QNX 4 stuff.