QNX on Archos 9

Hello all:
First post here for me.
I have an Archos 9:
Intel Atom Z515
Intel GMA500
9" 1024 X 600 Egalax resistive touch screen (PS2 for the egalax linux driver)

Would it be worthwhile to run QNX on this?

Alex DeWolf
San Diego, California

You might want to define “worthwhile”. I don’t know if the egalax is supported if that is the issue.

Well will the touch screen work. Looks like it is supported:
qnx.com/developers/docs/6.4. … ax.so.html

Oh also is the Intel GMA500 supported?

I’ve worked on a BSP which used the Polulsbo Graphics Controller. I believe I originally found the code in the Crown Beach BSP.

QNX runs on all Atom platforms, so yes it should work. Does the Archos have a BIOS that supports booting from USB? You could try and boot the QNX Neutrino Live CD.

Well QNX booted and came up ok except for networking. It has a Broadcom 4322AG 802.11 A/G wireless chip, is there any way to get this working?

Support for wireless networking is limited on QNX. The one chip I’ve heard of working was a Broadcom, but I don’t know which one. You should check the QNX hardware database. If it is supported, it is unlikely that it will startup automatically the way wired cards do.

What are the commands to get a driver loaded?