Tricky Photon Problem

I’m appealing to anyone who might have gone down this same road before.

I’m writing a generic Photon touch screen keyboard.
The keyboard works, and it can emit keys just fine.

Well almost fine. If I un-realize the keyboard before I emit, and then re-realize it, all works. But of course the keyboard flashes, which I’d like to avoid.

If I don’t do the un-realize, then no keys appear, which suggests that the keyboard region is absorbing them.

Ok, I look on the region viewer and I see two regions.
I get the rid from ABW_base with PtWidgetRid() and I get the region info with PhRegionQuery(). I remove Ph_EV_KEY and Ph_EV_RAW from both the events_opaque and events_sense and update the region with PhRegionChange(). I know this works because when I re-execute PhRegionQuery, the values of events_opaque and events_sense have changed.

But the keys still don’t go through. Hmmm? Well what about that 2nd Region, the yellow one that is part of the window manager. Ok, so I slay pwm and try again, and still no keys, so that’s not it either.

Have you looked at the soft keyboard example code provided in the QNX4 photon examples?

No but I’ll try to dig it up. Thanks