How to compile Phab project using make.

Hi All,
I have created a PhAB based sample GUI application and this sample application is compiling perfectly with IDE but it is not compiling using default “make” file generated in project.
Do i need to add any enviornment variable or some MACRO. Basically i required it for build automation.
If there are no widgets involved and application is purly C or C++ based then make would generate binaries. No idea what is so special in PhAB ??

There’s a certain irony here. Since you are using the IDE you are obviously cross compiling on Windows or Linux. For host compiling there is a bug when including external libraries. I’ve been told the bug does not exist when build under the IDE.

But your problem doesn’t exist when creating a PhAB application on a host and using the generated make file.

QNX hasn’t been in a hurry to deal with the first problem. In their defense, I’m led to believe they are overwhelmed by the Blackberry project. Want a job, I hear they may be hiring.