QNX4 sample projects


I am new to QNX RTOS.
I am looking for some sample projects with QNX4.
My project is about reading multiple serial ports, if possible simultaneously. And use a timer to control the reading an writing process to the COM ports. Along with the data acquisition I will be doing some control algorithms like PID control of motors.

Right now I am able to do all these tasks sequential on QNX without using any RTOS features just in C programming.
Should I go with multiprocessing or multithreading, which ever the QNX4 RTOS supports.

Any ideas and suggestions are greatly welcome. Where would be the right place to start.


It seems pretty strange that you are using QNX 4. A great product, but no longer well supported. Thread support was not very good in QNX 4 either. You can accomplish what you describe either by creating slave processes, one each for each serial line, or using select(). I prefer the former.

If you were using QNX 6, a much better choice in most circumstances, you could do this with threads.