Networking Problems using QNX 6.2.1

Hi. Im running QNX 6.2.1 on an old computer I had laying around. I have dsl connected through a hub to a router, so I dont need to authenticate through PPPoE since the router does that for me, I just need to activate the nic for lan since the internet is shared through the hub. According to nicinfo my network card is recognized and configured properly. When I use the configure network tool that is in the shelf by default and I attempt to configure the en0 in the Devices tab for DHCP, it comes up with an error that it cannot find the server, and when I try to set it up in the Connections tab the only options I have are modem, serial, and PPoE, none of which are what I need. I know the hub and router are working properly and all the cables are good. What am I doing wrong?

Just a guess. I was browsing through some stuff and it seems that for PPPoE you need to load the driver: …

I don’t use PPPoE myself so that’s as much as I can help.

agent - can you post the output from nicinfo?

flav2000 - I dont want to use PPPoE, I just want to connect to my network via DHCP, PPPoE just happens to be the only option showing as available.

cdm: here’s my nicinfo output:

NE2000 Ethernet Controller
Physical Node ID…0000C0 5377FE
Current Physical Node ID…0000C0 5377FE
Media Rate…10.0 Mb/s half-duplex UTP
I/O Port Range…0x300 → 0x31E
Hardware Interrupt…0x5

Total Packets Txd OK…0
Total Packets Txd Bad…0
Total Packets Rxd OK…0
Total Rx Errors…0

Total Bytes Txd…2052
Total Bytes Rxd…0

Tx Collision Errors…0
Tx Collision Errors (aborted)…0
Carrier Sense lost on Tx…0
FIFO Underruns During Tx…0
Tx Deferred…0
Out of Window Collision…0
FIFO Overruns During Rx…0
Alignment Errors…0
CRC Errors…0

What is “pidin arg | grep io-net” ?
What does “ifconfig -a” say? Does it show “en0” interface? If so, you can try to manually start “dhcp.client”, wait for a few seconds and see if “ifconfig -a” gets the IP address.

If not, you will probably have to “slay io-net” and restart it with the proper -d option (say, io-net -dne2000 -ptcpip & ) and see…

Is this an ISA card? IF so, I suspect your trouble is an improperly configured IRQ.

slay -f io-net
io-net -d ne2000 ioport=0x300,irq=10

You need to know what the proper value for the irq option is for your system. The 10 is just an example.