ATI Radeonâ„¢ HD 4300 Series


Does anybody knows if I can get this card running on QNX 6.3.2 ?

I don´t see this model/serie in QNX hardware database, and ower provider tell us that those cards which appears in QNX database are old and hard to find…

Any suggestion?

Thank you very much!

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It will most likely work in Vesa mode at least. If the chip on your card is not listed in the database, I would not expect native support for it. I’ve had a lot of trouble lately getting vga cards for QNX 6 that provide “the good stuff”. While QNX supports OPEN GL ES, the number of slotted cards (PCI, AGP, PCI EXPRESS, etc) that they support is ZERO. Finding a chip with native mode is somewhat of a crap shoot these days. Why does this matter? Try dragging a window and find out.

Thanks for the answer…

The real problem for me now, is to get QNX 6.3.2 running with DVI port, because the distance between terminals (KVM) and servers is to long, and we must use optic fiber via KVM extenders.

So, we tried Matrox, with matrox driver and it works when the PC was connected directly to the monitor (with no KVM extender between). Something strange happens when we connect tha Matrox to the extender (OF) transmisor, and the monitor to the receiver side…: “no video signal was seen at the monitor”. But it looks like a problem between matrox and the extender we used (nothing to do with QNX).

So, the thing that I need is to get running a video card with DVI port (OF, via KVM extenders) and doing “the good stuff” at the terminal side…

Does anybody faced a similar problem ?

Thanks again!

yes but our extender use VGA connector ;-)

Yes, we have extenders with VGA connector also, and it works fine… the problem is with DVI port.

I’ll post to QNX Support and see what happens.