download configuration in Momentics

In the launch configuration, you can setup to download shared libraries, but I would like to download a xml file or just any plain text file and so when I set it up to download a file located in the project same project (let’s say setup.txt), I get an error saying that it is not a ELF format, (in qnx 6.3.2) or (Attempt to retrieve soname of ‘C:/ide-4.7-workspace/test/setup.txti’ failed. Reason: null) for 6.5.0 Momentics. I know I can just download these none binary/lib files manually, but it is really convenient if one button click in momentics download all the files required to run that app. For some reason, we have 5 developers here and 2-3 development box doesn’t complain about this but 2 does.

Any idea?