QNX Neutrino 6.3.2 MultiCore?

Hi everybody!

QNX Neutrino 6.3.2 supports MultiCore?

If no, is there some way to change this?
Or if it has, how can I see the cores in the System Monitor and use them?

Thanks in advance!

Yes, you should have the smp image availabie in /boot/fs/qnxbasesmp. Replace /.boot with that file and reboot.

Where can I find the smp image?
Could you post the step-by-step?


cd /boot/fs


. qnxbase.ifs qnxbasesmp.ifs
… qnxbasedma.ifs

cp qnxbasesmp.ifs /.boot

Hello Maschoen

I did the steps you sent and I’ve received the message below:

cp: A source and destination must be specified.

Sorry man!

I restart the RTOS and did the command again…



what about the Neutrino QNX 6.3.2 RTOS, not the development SDP version ?

is it possible to have multicore support ?

i’ve tried copying the qnxbasesmp.build or .ifs file and do both cp or mkifs but it didn’t work…

am using virtual box 4.1.2

I’m not sure what your question is, but here goes.

Yes you can customize a QNX 6.3.2 boot file with multi-core.
Some of the older versions of QNX required you to buy the multi-core support separately.
I don’t think 6.3.2 was one of them, but I could be wrong.

Nope 6.3.2 required the purchase of the multicore TDK in order to build kernel images with the SMP support.

If my memory is right it was more expensive then a complete 6.5.0 dev seat.


Actually 6.3.2 supports Multi-core out of the box. We switched our run time licenses to 6.3.2 simply to use Multi-core even though our dev seats are 6.3.0.

It’s 6.3.0 (including SP3) that requires the special extra license that costs 10K.


Even if you do enable multi-core support, does the virtual machine create the illusion of multi-cores? If not, you won’t ever be able to see the multi-core in effect. The easiest way is in Photon when you can see multiple CPU’s shown in the System Monitor window.


i’ll take my chances, i’ll use virtualbox or kvm-qemu or a real host. my question is how to enable and support the multiple core on QNX Neutrino 6.3.2 ?

shall i copy the qnxbasesmp.build from the QNX SDP 6.3.2 ? what i am missing ?

am getting the CPU 1 start failure on the VM

i’ll use virtualbox or kvm-qemu or a real host.
If you use a real host with the default “qnxbasedma.ifs”, as I recall you should get SMP. On virtual (VM) systems, you have to configure the VM software to give QNX access to multiple cores.

On physical systems, “hyperthread” cores will show up as “processors” unless you disable hyperthreading in the BIOS - a good idea since they are not true cores.

Without photon, you can check for two cores after boot with “pidin info”. Should list two or more processors.

You can also verify the running kernel by running “pidin arg” and look for the procnto line - if multicore is present, the procnto process will have “smp” in the name.

Deploying an “smp” version of the kernel requires an add’l runtime royalty.

Not only a good idea but a MUST. Neutrino isn’t hyperthread aware, it doesn’t know the hyperthread core is MUCH slower then the real core. Hence you can run into some real performance issue if you don’t turn off hyperthreading