Using a new QNX build on an old board


I’m new to QNX and wondering about compiling code and moving it to a PC104 board. I just downloaded QNX 6.5. I have a PC104 board that runs QNX 3.xx or 4.xx, not sure which and an older build machine that runs the same version. I would really really like to compile using a new version of QNX. There are nfs mounts on the old machine that just cannot keep up.

My question is, if I build the code on the new machine, can those packages still be run on the PC104 board running the older version of QNX? I’m not even sure if I can compile the code with a newer QNX. I also get the feeling it would make the packages unusable on the PC104 board. Does anyone have any ideas about doing this? I am trying to avoid reinstalling QNX on the PC104 board, as it is older and I don’t know how readily I can get the bsp.

Thanks much.

Think of QNX 3.xx (Which is really be QNX 2) or QNX 4.xx as completely different OS’s from QNX 6. You can port code between them, and they all support message passing but there are major differences. Only very generic code would compile directly.

If you are going to cross develop for your PC104 board, you will need a development system. I prefer a self hosted environment, meaning a development system running QNX 6.5, however you can load Momentics on a Windows or Linux machine and cross develop. The Eclipse tools are nice, though I don’t like to work that way.

BTW, QNX 6.5 is a much better environment for doing this than QNX 2 or QNX 4 ever were.