Loading mount_cfis in QNX4 4.25

I am running QNX4 4.25 and tried to load mount_cfis and it says it is not on the system. Is there a patch that I can load to put it on the system, or a download site an go to to get it.

Hum I don’t know of such utility for 4.25, I think it’s smbfsys and mount_smb

I was using mountP_smb, but the problem I ran into is when I try to mount a windows server that can’t have LM hash enabled for security reasons. I was hoping that mount_cfis would let me get around this.

I meant to say I was using mount_smb.

I very much doubl that. That QNX 4.25 software is OLD. Maybe they updated it recently, have you check the 2011 release (which is still in release candidate status). But I wouldn’t hold my breath. I read the release not and don’t recall anything about smb.