Widgets in table

Dear All!

After manuals, google, I want ask help you, how to start build “widgets in table”, like the PhAB “Widgets” tab?

I know the PtDiv to split containers, the standard PtList / PtTree, as I see, handle text items.

My idea to combie somehow PtTree items into a PtList, but dont know, how to start…

Thank you!


I guess in this case there are buttons (with proper definition of anchor flags) placed in scroll container…

Thank you, AG.

Anybody have some idea, how to insert any item (e.g. buttons, checkboxes, numeric inputs) to part of PtList/Tree?

I’m not sure if you can do that.
Here is some general advice.
The only widget you can put other widgets into (as far as I know) is a “Container” widget.
So if you want to to put widgets into a particular widget, see if it is a descendent of PtContainer.
If not, I think you are SOL.

Thank you, I know the Container widgets. I thought: these widgets in the windows of PhAB, somehow a PtList/PtTree elements, and would be interested in how this can be done. I can choose a different path to solve the problem, thank you.