QDB - QNX database

Hi All

I am new to QNX. Just started getting familiar with the terms used in qnx.

I’m doing a mini project using qnx neutrino. I need to create a database to access the data for my project

I had looked into the help section given in the IDE and found QDB. I just went through the docs found to use the query and also understood how to establish connection with the database and how to insert and select.

Now my doubt is how to create a database. In the example they had mentioned about ("/dev/qdb/customerdb") . How to create a database and a tables

Should I need to download some package for creating a database ?

What is that sqlite. Should I download some package from it ?

Could some one enlighten me so that I can start building the application

I’ve been told by someone at QNX that qdb is sqlite compiled into a server. So you might want to check out sqlite.org/ .

thanks for the info.

I had checked the website they say qdb is Embedded Sql server and its similar to sqlite.

If I get some information of how to create the database would be helpful.