rendering TrueType fonts (gf)

Hello all!

I’ve been developing a QNX-based UI which uses libgf only. Photon and other ways of creating the UI are now not in scope.

The UI implements a kind of menu, and for the menu I want to write some text too. After investigating a bit the situation it turned out that QNX has a fontserver, but it seemed to me to be usable only from Photon applications - and Photon is absolutely excluded now. I’ve found relevant information on fonts in pure gf graphics neither in QNX SDK-6.5.0 help, nor on the web.

How can I generate bitmaps from TTF fonts under QNX?

I’ve investigated FreeType2 API, it doesn’t seem to be that difficult to use. But I don’t want to start including FreeType2 into my application until you say “there’s no better way to render texts from TrueType fonts”.

So: is there a better (easier) way to render text from TrueTypes fonts in QNX other than FreeType?

Thanks in advance

Okay, just in case somebody is interested in this issue:

FreeType2 can be compiled to QNX without any problem and seems to operate properly.

The docs say:

There are two libraries of font-related functions shipped with Neutrino:

* the functions that come with the Photon library ph
* the separate libfont library. All libfont functions have a Cx or Dll suffix.

So I guess it’s possible to use the font server outside of Photon.


Yes, really, for some reason I haven’t noticed the libfont library and the related functions.

Nevertheless, this libfont doesn’t seem (at the first glance) to be easier-to-use than libfreetype2 at all, so I’m not going to replace my working libfreetype2 wrappers/functions to libfont.