Qt on QNX!

Just noticed a new post under the “News” heading on the Foundry27 main page (about half-way down the page, first news item at the moment.) Qt has been ported to QNX! I find this amazing. Does anyone know more about it? Is it Photon native? Will apps like KDevelop or Konqueror work, or do they need KDE? Would KDE work?!?!

I find this to be an amazing development, and a major break from the past, where the Photon API was all you got. (Except for XPhoton, which then died…) Neat stuff. Of course, I do virtually no development in QNX anymore (a little maintenance for some existing customers is all) and I’m stuck back on 6.3, so I can’t even try it. If anybody does, let us know how it works out.

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Do not forget that Microsoft poured a lot of money into Nokia, so that Qt platform is out of the big game!


Nokia was given 1Billion dollars by Microsoft. In exchange Nokia is to use Windows Phone 7. Unless somebody takes QT over, it’s unlikely Nokia will continue to develop it.

Nokia sold it to Digia: digia.com/C2256FEF0043E9C1/0/405002251
“It is all about the money”

Ok, I’ll bite. So what is Qt? What does it do, and what are its benefits to QNX developers and customers? It looks like it is not free. Is that right?

It’s C++ Multi-Platform application and UI framework.

Does the port run on top of Photon or does it just use the graphics layer?

embedded only for now

It’s been building self hosted on pkgsrc for a while. There’s one
here with X11 integration.

ftp.netbsd.org/pub/pkgsrc/packag … _20101224/

See also this thread:



QSSL made their own port community.qnx.com/sf/sfmain/do/v … rojects.qt

Currently it runs on top of the QNX graphics framework (GF), just like Adobe Flash Lite and Photon do, so there now is a 3rd option.

It’s a GUI library. It is natively C++ although there are bindings for many other languages.

The main benefit to QNX devs and users is the number of applications that are written in Qt. It means you can port GUI applications to QNX without having to worry about X / XPhoton. Also, from a developer standpoint, using Qt over the Photon API would make a lot of sense if your code is C++.

That’s not right. Qt is free as in speech and as in beer. Originally, it was GPL, but it is now GPL or LGPL. There are also commercial licenses available, which might be the “not free” part that you saw. There are also paid support options.

-James Ingraham
Sage Automation, Inc.

Newb here.

Has there been any development on GUI’s other than proton using Qt?

Not sure what you mean? I understand some of the bigger QNX Automotive customers are using HTML5. There is also Crank Storyboard, and of course OpenGL ES.

QT 4.8 is ported to QNX and even 5.x version are in works.

I have QNX Momentics IDE 6.5 SP1, I wanted to compile Qt on QNX. Is it possible to cross compile Qt with Momentics resources.
Where do I find gcc path for QNX, inorder to export the PATH and cross compile the Qt. Looking for suggestions.

Yes it is possible. I don’t know how it’s done, but the earliest port I know of was Qt 4.7 which was ported by Dennis Kelly at QNX using a Linux system.

I have downloaded Qt-4.8.6 and tryiing to compile for QNX-6.5 SP1, following I did to configure and make

Following is the error initially, Am I missing anything in the environmental setup

After configuration is completed, proceeding with make
Following is the error

Looking for suggestions

It looks to me like the kind of problem you get where Qt wants you to use a newer version of the compiler. Just a guess.

But you can look in the .h file and see what the problem is.