order of en0 and en1

I’m using qnx 6.3.2 and have one onboard 100/10 NIC and one gigabit PCI NIC. the onboard gets the en0 and PCI gigabit gets en1 right now, but I would like to have this order changed so that the gigabit PCI cards gets the en0 and onboard as en1. How can I do this?


As far as I know you can’t unless you disabled the enum feature and manually start the network drivers with the proper argument. The enum process goes by the order given by the BIOS.

I just tried and rearranged the device entry in the /etc/system/enum/devices/net file and it worked. Is this the normal way of doing it?

I did not know editing the enum would affect this behavior. I never read anything about this. Can’t tell you if this is by design or just luck ;-)