Is anyone working on a graphics/image editing program for 6.2? Viewers are all very nice but we don’t even have a basic “Paint” app!

The 6.2 3rd Party ISO CD has a port of Gimp on it. :slight_smile:

What I’m looking for is a native application. I absolutely hate X…and since QNX for the iPAQ has a Paint program (it even has Freecell!):

X is nasty :stuck_out_tongue:
and then again, the Doodle app, isn’t that advanced, can’t even save or even open files.

I also dislike X, and especially GTK+… something about it is just, I don’t know, icky…

I think a Photon native paint app would probably be quite a big project, especially something as advanced as Gimp. Maybe someone could just rewrite the user interface of Gimp to use Photon? Lol. Or else someone could just write something simple that would work.

Edit: I just remembered that supposedly the author of Pixel32 was going to do a native QNX port, but I don’t know what happened to that project.

Hi guys
Just wanted to say that i’ve been working on a ‘simple’ painting tool for a few days (read, mspaint or similar)
I’ll let you guys know when i have a version ready for testing.
Only problem left is saving, my original idea of using a Memory Context does not seem to work. I’ll let you know how it progresses though.


There is a very impressive paint program called Pixel32 at:

He states that he plans to port it to QNX! Maybe of we sent him a few requests?

It is already ported to: Win32, Linux, BeOS, and DOS!

Go check it out!

Then you have to use XPhoton … and gimp works in a native Photon environment.


I don"t think so … XFree86 supports more graphical adapters as Photon, it comes with several object oriented APIs (like Qt) a.s.o.
And XPhoton works really great!!


pixel32 is shareware/commercial but is ready now in 2003,I need the libs though,it does not link to them anymore

There is also Etch-a-Sketch (which is a bit better than Doodle) for iPAQ running QNX …