Realtek 8139

Hi there.

I’m installing momentics 6.2.1 and get the following error while loading the ethernet driver.

devn-rtl - unable to mmap_device_memory
The card works well on other *nix, and wind blows.

any idea?

lotta thanx

sounds like you did NOT finish your installation.
QNX 6.2.1 install has two steps, the first step ends with a system reboot, and you have to leave the CD in there once the system comes up, so the second step will start.
Now, you can try to put the CD back in, and click the installer. Make sure you select and install the QNX 6.2.1 Momentics for x86.

Sorry, but I just made the same installation in other machines and it worked out,no need to continue with the rest of the installation.


Does this other machine also have Realtek 8139?

I believe the step one installs the old 6.2.0 and step two will apply the 6.2.1 patches. Realtek driver in 6.2.0 won’t work and that’s why you have to continue with rest of the installation so that 6.2.1 fix for Realtek will be installed.

You can verify this by “ls -l /lib/dll/” to check the timestamp. I think the 6.2.1 has a version dated Jan of 2003.

BTW, you can probably live with no step two install if you copy the new /lib/dll/ from another machine. But step two install will give you other stuff such as gcc compilers. So if you want to do any development, you probably still want “continue the installation” :slight_smile:

Ok, thankx for your time…

BTW, Do you know how to see if a dll is loaded?