QNX 6.5 on PC104


I have a PC104 CPU (the Coremodule 745 from Ampro Amtek) that I am trying to install QNX on. I am starting by trying to boot the board from a USB stick with QNX. (Then I would use the same procedure to transfer the QNX on to the on board SSD).

I can boot Puppy Linux on the board, but QNX boot fails with the error

Unable to start “/adlink/start0.sh” (2)

Tech support for Ampro said that if it was not the hardware, it must be an issue with the OS.

“If the CM745 can boot to another operating system, the problem is clearly the operating system in which case your question could best be answered by QNX technical support.”

Since I have student QNX…

The procedure for putting the QNX on to the USB is as follows:

umount /dev/hd10t*
dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/hd10 count=100
fdisk /dev/hd10 delete -a
fdisk /dev/hd10 add -s 1 qnx all
fdisk /dev/hd10 boot -s 1
fdisk /dev/hd10 loader

fdisk /dev/hd10 show
mount -e /dev/hd10
ls /dev/hd*

dinit -h /dev/hd10t77
dinit -hb /dev/hd10t77

mount /dev/hd10t77 /fs/hd10-qnx4

Now going into the BSP package I received-it has a sample ifs and the tarball

cp ifs /fs/hd10-qnx4/.boot
cd /fs/hd10-qnx4 && tar xvzf /Ampro_Lunapier/targetroot.tar.gz
umount /fs/hd10-qnx4

Does there seem to be anything wrong with this procedure? Is there any way for me to get QNX support help with the academic version of QNX? Is this a QNX issue or an issue with the BSP I have?

I’m not really sure where to go with this.

Thanks much!

The error message /adlink/start0.sh is something from the startup procedure in targetroot.tar.gz or something in the .boot file. I would de-archive and take a look. My guess is that the .boot file is trying to startup the USB driver and mount the stick as /adlink and then start the shell script. Some step along the way is failing.

The script contains


start1=$(dirname “$0”)/start1.sh
start1log=$(dirname “$0”)/start1.log

echo “start1[$start1]” >&2

$start1 2>&1 | tee $start1log

All this script does is start the other one and log it. I dont know too much about scripts-is this one correct?

And I cannot seem to find a .boot file in the tarball.

Was that start0.sh? This all looks very strange. Maybe you should try your own startup script starting with:

echo “Starting System”

The boot file would be called .boot or possibly xxxxx.ifs.

Are you still having a problem with this? It has been a while so I hope you made some progress. I put QNX on a CM430 and dealt with both of the issues you mentioned.