QNX ifs file


I had a question about the ifs file that came with an embedded build package I have.

In the documentation, you can either build test.ifs or use “ifs”

Is this ifs file supposed to be human readable? Mine is not and I am wondering if this is incorrect.

What does a typical boot file look like for a QNX system in terms of content?


“ifs” files are binaries. There is some text in them. A boot file has the kernel, and various other files embedded in it including executables, shared libraries and other files. The fs stands for “file system”, so it’s a little like a small hard drive image. You can put whatever you want into it, the whole application if you like, but typically you put in just what is needed to get the system going. A script file in the .ifs file executes after the kernel starts and usually the last things the script file does are to mount a file system such as a hard drive or USB stick and execute another script file on that file system, sometimes /etc/rc.d/rc.sysinit.