keyboard setup - modules loaded

HI guys.
How can I set up my keyboard layout from the command shell?

One more, if I type ps -A I can see the process running, I can see for example io-net, or io-audio, but I cannot see with dll is loaded for the sound card for example nor for the ethernet, how can I see for example if dev-ctrl-cd4281 is loaded, or which dll is loaded?


use pidin instead of ps.

pidin mem will show you what libraries each running processes has loaded.

For changing keyboard layout in the consol I don’t think this is possible, but i’ll leave for someone else to confirm that.


QNX console mode doesn’t support international keyboard. You have to be in Photon anyway, and you can use the “Localization” GUI. If you have to do it manually, you can probably tweak the files:

Thanx 4 your time… :slight_smile:)