I can for the life of me figure out how to programaticaly add item to a PtGenTree. All I see is the PtGenTreeItem_t, but how is this related to say adding some text item?

I assume that if I want to add text I must first create a PtLabel and then add it to the Tree ???

And where are code sample when you need them :wink:



I hear your pain.   I'll take a look tomorrow after I wake up.   


I’ll point out, in the foundry, the lack of documentation. Steve Reid is always very open to suggestions/requests


I haven't tried them yet, but I see routines:


With anyone else I’d say rtfmp. Did I miss something, or don’t these work for you?

BTW, the manual makes it sound like PtGenTree is just around as a superclass, not necessarily intended to be used directly.

I finally found out how to do it, PtTreeAllocItem, that is how you bind text to a PtTreeItem ( or PtGenTree ). phew!