How to view QNX 4 boot image on CF disk?

Hi every one,

I have a CF disk, 128MB running QNX 4.
So I duplicate it to an USB flash disk and mount in my QNX PC 6.3.0.

I can see any thing on this disk (boot image, file system, application… etc)

Now, I want to see the boot image, the script inside it, how can I do?

Please help me…

You can’t , the boot image is a binary ( .boot ) and unlike QNX6 boot file it cannot be seen through a map file. There is the file /etc/config/sysinit.X that is like the autoexec.bat ;-)

Thank you Mario.
So, I have this QNX4 in a Compact Flash 128Mb. Can I transfer or copy it to another media to boot?

I used Disk Copy to duplicate it to a USB disk or a harddisk partition, I can see its contents in QNX6, but it can’t boot itself.
I also used a card reader to boot by CF itself, but it didn’t appear in system.

Do you have any idea ?

If you can see it in QNX6 run fdisk to make sure there is a bootable partition. Also make sure there is a file called .boot in the root of the filesystem.

That being said you wont be able to boot from a USB QNX4 device as QNX4 boot image doesnt have any usb drivers i them.