QNX632 / Win7 / CDT


I’ve got a licensed copy of 6.3.2 which I was developing on XP with. I’ve now moved to Win7 and apparently there’s an activation issue with it. I don’t have the budget to move to 6.5 (and I don’t want to introduce the risk of updating into my project) so… I’ve been browsing my code with an up to date Eclipse3.6-CDT and am planning on compiling in an XP VM using Momentics.
What I’d like to do is to build and debug using CDT and break my dependence on Momentics(eclipse3.1), has anyone done this, any tips you could give me?


Depends on your projet, it could be done I guess by it might be very time consuming. You wouldnt be able to use qcc because it check for licensing. Plus Im not sure what other tool involved in compilation and debugging also required the license.

I would suggest you contact QNX to check if there isn`t a way to make 6.3.2 install on Win7. Or use a Linux VM to run momentic, even from within a VM it will be FASTER yes I said FASTER then 6.3.2 on Windows.

And of course you could run XP on Win7 with VM.

ok, I’d not even considered running Momentics in a Linux VM, if I’m forced to run a VM then that might be the way to go, cheers :slight_smile: