VNC Client for QNX4+Photon

Is there any “VNC Client” software for QNX4+Photon?


Not described as “VNC”, but does the same job: Phindows 1.20, works for Photon 1.13, 1.14.

Contact QSSL for info on how to purchase.

The latest version of Phindow is, i believe, 3.0.44. It supports both QNX4 and QNX6.

I know and use Phindows, but I need a tool (VNC Client for QNX) to run on QNX machine in order to watch Virtual Operator Panel realized inside PLC (PLC is industrial computer which controls some technology).

We can watch Virtual Operator Panel from Win machines (by means of VNC), but we cannot do that from QNX+Photon machine.

Even for QNX6, it’s not easy to get a VNC client. I understand that RealVNC has done a “demo version” of a VNC client for QNX6, maybe you can go from there.

QNX4 is as old as Windows 3.11… and while it’s a great OS, maybe you should consider moving to a much more modern QNX version…?