Package naming in repository

Hi there.,
I’m browsing the repository right now, and I’d like to know what’s the difference beteween package-name-public.qpk and
package-name-x86-public.qpk, which of both should I download to install.


Hi :astonished:

You should’nt browse a repository with a web browser.

You should browse it with qnxinstall or the like.

*.qpk files are the inner contents of *.qpr files. *.qpr files are just big gzip’ed tarballs with various *.qpk’s and other datafiles in them (manafestos for example).

Only QPR’s are packages, they are the only files ment to be downloaded OUTSIDE of qnxinstall or the like.

If for some reason you need to download the contents of a repository OUTSIDE of qnxinstall (for example, your nic card isnt supported in QNX yet) you should download all of the package-. files.

To answer you question, package-name-public.qpk would probably contain non-archecture specific files, while package-name-x86-public.qpk would contain files specific to an x86 install…

…but you cant just download them seperatly and install them, chances are one won’t work without the other you’ll need the non-archecturally specifc and arhecturally specific files.

Well, I think that I should download the iso instead, I had the problem you mentioned, I could not install the packages…

Thanx 4 your time.