Adding Bridge Drivers


I am attempting to add a device I have configured manually as a bridge device. (It is a Dlink DAP2553 WAP configured to be a bridge)

I have tried the traditional way of creating a bridge.

#ifconfig bridge create


ifconfig siocifcreate invalid argument


#ifconfig -C
#vlan pppoe ppp lo

I am not seeing a bridge device. I have added brconfig to the bld file.

Does this mean I am missing the drivers for a bridge configuration? If so, is there a good way to add those drivers? The Ethernet connection works (I have had this on a router previously and successfully).

Network drivers are called by either (depending on the device detected)

io-pkt-v4 -d e1000 vid=0x8086, did=0x10d3 -p tcpip


io-pkt-v4 -d e1000 vid=0x8086, did=0x1501 -p tcpip

Then the IP, netmask, and default gateway are set.

I end up with a wm0 interface with a static IP that I want to add as a bridge device.

How do I add in the bridge interface type?


nevermind-got it!

needs an io-pkt-v4-hc instead of the io-pkt-v4