Vi core dump/memory fault on 1 file


I seem to have broken my vi for 1 particular file. I originally tried to open the file, forgetting that I have 2 similarly named ones, and opened a “new” file, which I :q out of. I tried to open the file again, correctly this time, and got:

skipping 1 old session file
memory fault/coredumped

I found where the files were and got rid of those to get rid of the “skipping x old session files” but I cannot fix the memory fault/coredumped.

Does anyone have any suggestions for this? I only have the command line running in this version of QNX so I don’t know if “debug view” will work for me.

I can use vi successfully for any other file. I have tried replacing the directory with a new one with the same set of files inside but no luck.


You could try another editor. QNX comes with ped, qed and ed.