OpenGL ES port

did anyone try this port?

It says it is for 6.4.x but I would like to get it working for 6.3.2,
is this even possible? (since the whole graphics framework is changed from 6.3.2 vs 6.4.x)

I would like to do some 3D graphics in 6.3.2 without purchasing graphics package ofcourse. It doesn’t have to be accelerated (although it would be nice), but basic 3D rendering. Any suggestions?


There are no GL_ES in 6.3.2, so you can’t in all cases

Contact Mike may be he has something for 6.3.2.

I was faced with a similar problem. I wrote a program for QNX 6.5 using OpenGL. The customer then insisted it had to work under QNX 6.3.2. I took a look at porting the Mesa source code. This turned out to be a nightmare. It wasn’t too difficult to compile, however it did not work. In trying to figure out why I had to find the connection between a call and the implementing code. It used a loose attachment of calls to the driver. I could never figure it out.

In the end I extracted the code I needed, which only required drawing points, and lines. No lighting, etc.

possibly other options others than OpenGL or Mesa?

Options for what? 3D Rendering on QNX 6.3.2?

yes, 3D rendering in 6.3.2. I looked at using the photon3D pkg from 6.2.1 repository and got it to compile in 6.3.2 with some warnings like libphrenderGL may have conflict with since it uses When I run the gear example, it blows up with core dumps…

I’m not sure what the problem with the “gear” example is. I know it works in 6.3.2, but only in full screen mode. With QNX 6.4+ the new gf layer allows putting OpenGL in a window, so there is an enhanced version. Except for fairly simple things, OpenGL is not very useful unless you happen to have one of the two or three hardware accelerated video chips. None of these come on a plug in board as far as I can tell so you are limited to specific motherboards.

would it work under photon in 6.3.2 full screen, or without photon?

would id? You mean the gear example? It works in full screen mode. I haven’t tried it in a long time but if you are concerned, I will haul it out and verify.