Network Attached Storage (NAS) for QNX4

I would like to use Ethernet connected NAS under QNX4 to store data from SCADA system (simple daily .csv files).
Windows network users should be able to read the files from their machines.

Have you any experience with the NAS on QNX4?

  1. Which simple NAS (HW, make, model) is the most suitable (SIMPLE to etsabilish working) for QNX4 - needed filesystems etc.

  2. Which “method” (filesystem, NFS, SMBfsys, FTP) is the best way to write data to NAS from QNX4 machine?

Thank you.

With QNX4 you should be able to use SMBfsys. That would be the simplest in my opinion.

FTP is another option. ftp can be configured to be non-interactive (helpviewer is your friend).
Write a ksh script to perform the ftp transfer and configure the cron service to invoke the script daily.

In your script, you can setup to store your *.csv files in directories by date:
and even generate a log of the transfer (file names, how long it took to transfer N files, etc) in “report.txt”

This assumes your NAS host supports FTP transfers (most do).

You can build FTP into all sorts of utilities using Curl.

Thank you guys. I have the NAS connected, FTP Server Enabled and can FTP “put” some file from QNX machine to NAS’s Public folder.

Can you help me with mounting the NAS’s share folder “Public” so that I could see it from my QNX machine as a “network folder/disk” - by means of SMBfsys?
I mean exact step-by-step instructions on how to set-up SMBfsys (or something other?) on QNX 4.25 machine in order to see NAS’s folder Public among all other QNX folders/mounted devices.

Thank you.

I believe these steps are shown in the online documentation.

All the time I am trying to mount the NAS drive Synology DS110j share folder Public I get error:

SMBfsys &
sleep 1
user_smb NASuser NASpasswd
mount_smb //NASipNAME:NASipADDRESS/Public /NAS NASpasswd
Mount failed: Access Denied.

I don’t know if it’s something wrong configured in my NAS drive (is the SMB Server running by default when I checkbox NFS Service)? I cannot find any configuration possibilities regarding SMB Server services.

I am trying all (admin and user) names/passwords with no success - all the time the same “Access denied” error.

I have a Synlogy 710 that works with QNX 6. I will try it with QNX 4 and report back with steps I took and whether I was successful. It might take a day or two.

Upon reflection, I’m pretty confused about what you are trying to do. The Synology provides an NFS/NAS device which you should be able to connect to using NFS. I think that SMB should also work, but I’m not sure why you would want to. The SMB file system is somewhat “dumber” in that it doesn’t support permissions.

Well, doesn’t matter SMB or NFS (I was asking at this forum before buying the NAS disk which method would be better/simle and was said that SMBfsys).

Problem is that only FTP works, we are trying to mount NAS share by everything we could read in docs/helps/internet, but nothing (NFS too) works.

Can you write me exact step-by-step instruction what to do on NAS disk side and on QNX4 side to mount the share (doesn’t matter which method)?
From WinXP/7 everything works immediately, from QNX only FTP.

Nobody works successfully with NAS shares under QNX4?